P. BM EA 75023
Other nos.: P. BM EA 1996-2-17.9
Description: Light brown papyrus sheet, 23.3 x 7.1 cm. On the recto 11 lines in black ink. The verso is fixed unto paper, but is presumably uninscribed. Complete, except for minor gaps. No address.
Classification: letter
Keywords: fruit - garden - message
Provenance: Acquired by the British Museum in 1996 from the collection of W.J. Bankes formed in 1819 in Thebes. See Remarks
Publication: R.J. Demarée, The Bankes Late Ramesside Papyri (London 2006), 25-26 (description, translation and commentary), pls. 25-26 (photograph and transcription)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Late dyn. 20 (Demarée)
Contents: Brief letter from the troop commander Ionr (?) to the prophet PAy-nDm of the temple of Horus of Edfu, ordering him to deliver 20 pomegranates quickly.
Terminology: m anx wDA snb m Hs.w.t (recto 4); nfr snb=k (recto 11); NN n NN (recto 1-4); hAb (recto 6); Hna Dd (recto 6)
Names/Titles: an. ( pA Sms.w ; recto 9-10); Ionr ( Hr.y-pD.t n nA pD.w.t Pr-aA anx wDA snb ; recto 1-2); PAy-nDm ( Hm-nTr n pr 1r BHd.t.y ; recto 3-4); 1r BHd.t.y (deity; pAy=k nb ; recto 5)
Remarks: Provenance: This letter was found, according to a note by Bankes, together with letters from the 9Hwty-ms/Bw-th-Imn archive.

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