P. BM EA 75025
Other nos.: P. BM EA 1996-2-17.11
Description: Papyrus sheet, 12.8 x 22.3 cm. The recto (V/H) is greyish brown and the verso (H/V) is medium brown. Top recto = bottom verso. Palimpsest. On the recto 3 lines in black ink; of an earlier washed-out text on the recto 10 lines and on the verso 6 or 7 lines in black ink. Damaged; beginnings of recto 2, 3, 9 and 10 (earlier text) lost; gaps in recto 1-4 and 9 (earlier text) and in recto 2 (later text); several gaps in the top one-third and at the bottom as a result of folding; text on the verso almost completely washed out.
Classification: letter
Keywords: illness - message - temple
Provenance: Acquired by the British Museum in 1996 from the collection of W.J. Bankes formed in 1819 in Thebes.
Publication: R.J. Demarée, The Bankes Late Ramesside Papyri (London 2006), 26-28 (description, translation and commentary), pls. 60-61 and 66 (photograph, facsimile and transcriptions)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Late dyn. 20 (Demarée)
Contents: The later text comprises clearly a kind of magical formula in a non-Egyptian language. The earlier text represents a letter from the necropolis scribe 9Hwty-ms (see Remarks) to an unknown addressee attached to the temple of Amun-Re, mentioning the sender's illness.
Terminology: m anx wDA snb m Hs.w.t (earlier text recto 2); NN Hr nD xrt NN (earlier text recto ~1#-~2#); hAb (earlier text recto 5); Hna Dd (earlier text recto 5)
Names/Titles: an. ( pA im.y-r mSa ; earlier text recto 7); Imn (deity; earlier text recto 3); Imn-Ra-nswt-nTr.w pAy=k nb (deity; earlier text recto 6, ~10#); Niw.t (geo.; pAy=i dmi ; earlier text recto 10); 4T.T (geo.; earlier text recto 8?). Incomplete: [...] sS [...] Hr Imn.t.t WAs.t ; earlier text recto 1); [...] ([...] pr Imn-Ra-nswt-nTr.w ; earlier text recto 2)
Remarks: Contents: Actually the name of the sender is lost in the lacuna in recto 1 of the earlier text, but both his title and the contents of the letter can only refer to 9Hwty-ms .

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