P. Bibliotheque Nationale 196, IV
Other nos.: LRL 25
Description: Papyrus sheet, 10 x 22.5 cm. Damaged. Palimpsest. Recto V/H, verso H/V. Top recto = bottom verso. In black ink 7 lines on the recto and 2 lines (including address) on the verso. Damaged at the top and at the right edge, causing loss of writing in line 1 of the recto and the beginnings of all lines on recto and verso. Address at the bottom of the verso.
Classification: letter
Keywords: commissioning - document - junior - message - payment - silver
Provenance: Acquired by the Bibliotheque Nationale from the collection of F. Cailliaud formed in 1817 or 1818 in Thebes.
Publication: Spiegelberg, Correspondances , 47-48 (transcription), pls. VII-VIII (photographs); Černý, Late Ramesside Letters , XI and XV (description), 40-41 (transcription); Janssen, Late Ramesside Letters and Communications , pl. 74 (photographs); Wente, Late Ramesside Letters , 56-57 (translation and commentary).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Late dyn. 20 (Černý); wHm ms.w.t of Ramesses XI (Wente)
Contents: A letter probably from the General of Pharaoh to the scribe 7ry and the administrators of the Necropolis, about money that had to be paid to (coppersmith) 1r and that he has sent 0d-nxt and that they are to work together with 5d-sw-1r "the son of mine". See Remarks.
Terminology: NN n NN (verso ~2#); hAb (recto 2; verso 1); Sa.t (recto 4)
Names/Titles: an. (pA Sri ink ; recto 5); an. (pA Sri n Imn-pA-nfr pA wa.w-ist ; recto ~3#); an. (rwD.w.w pA 2r ; recto ~1#); 0d-nxt (mDAy (? see Remarks); recto 4); 5d-sw-1r (recto ~5#); 7ry (sS ; verso 2) . Incomplete: 1r [...] (recto 2)
Remarks: Contents: In view of the brief style, contrary to Wente's opinion, this letter was rather sent to scribe 7ry and the controllers of the Necropolis; also because no son of 9Hwty-ms/7ry by the name of 5d-sw-1r is known. Names, Titles: the mDAy 0d-nxt regularly occurs in the LRL, but the spelling of the title here looks odd and does not seem to fit mDAy .

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