P. Bibliotheque Nationale 199, III
Other nos.: LRL 48
Description: Papyrus sheet, 11.5 x 19 cms. Gummed on cardboard. Exposed side V/H. In black ink 7 lines of writing. Damaged at the top and probably at the bottom causing the loss of an unknown number of lines, including an eventual address. Correction by the scribe in line 5.
Classification: letter
Keywords: commissioning - grain - message - Hmy - spXr
Provenance: Acquired by the Bibliotheque Nationale from the collection of F. Cailliaud formed in 1817 or 1818 in Thebes.
Publication: Spiegelberg, Correspondances , 79 (transcription); Černý, Late Ramesside Letters , XIV and XV (description), 70 (transcription); Janssen, Late Ramesside Letters and Communications , pl. 87 (photograph); Wente, Late Ramesside Letters , 82 (translation and commentary); Wente, Letters , 202 no. 328 (translation).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Late dyn. 20 (Černý); wHm ms.w.t of Ramesses XI (Wente)
Contents: A letter from unknown senders to an unknown addressee (possibly the necropolis scribe 9Hwty-ms ) about problems concerning some grain which the vizier was enregistering. The addressee has to report to the vizier about their accomplishment and the matter of the grain.
Terminology: nfr snb=k (7); hAb (2, 5); Hna Dd r nty (2)
Names/Titles: an. (nTr nb nTr.t nb.t ; deities; ~1#); an. (pAy=k Hr.y (?); recto [1]-2); an. (TAty ; 3, 7)
Remarks: -

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