P. Bibliotheque Nationale 237, Carton 1
Other nos.: P. Bibliotheque Nationale 237, Carton 2; see Remarks
Description: Papyrus, mounted on cardboard, in two fragments: upper fragment 20 x 16 cm, lower fragment 13.8 x 17.8 cm (see Remarks). Inscribed on recto (H/V) only; 20 lines in black and red ink (1-12 on upper fragment, 13-20 on lower fragment), with transverse line to the left, running from bottom to top (numbered 21; see Remarks); margin of several cm at bottom of lower fragment. Additional fragment with 2 lines (numbered a and b) in black ink. Palimpsest? Traces of erased text by different hand on right hand 5-7 cm. Damaged; beginnings of lines 11 and 12 lost, line 13 almost entirely lost, middle part and end of transverse line lost.
Classification: account - journal : delivery - event - portion
Keywords: appearance - arrival - document - grain - grain rations - granary - oracle (see Remarks) - temple - xtm
Provenance: no indication
Publication: Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VI, 339 and 340 (transcription); Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 447 and 448 (translation)
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 3 II Ax.t sw 14 (1); II Ax.t (6, 7); rnp.t-sp 3 I Ax.t sw 18 (8; probably for rnp.t-sp 3 II Ax.t sw 18 )
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, year 3 Ramesses VI (Helck, Kitchen)
Contents: Delivery and distribution of grain rations of II Ax.t by the watercarrier PAy-an on the roof of the Hathor temple (lines 1-8); inscribing the granary of the xtm of the Necropolis with the name of King Ramesses VI (lines 8-14). The high priest of Amun and other dignitaries attend the appearance of a god (at Thebes, on the occasion of the Opet festival?); the god turns his back on them(?), which is said to be in accordance with what the 'wise woman' (rx.t ?) had said (lines 14-20; see Remarks). Transverse line: "[...] property-deed which King [...] has made [...] of all his property [...]" (see Remarks). Loose fragment: remains of the names and titles of King Ramesses VI.
Terminology: ar.t im.y.t-pr ir.n NN [...] n ix.t=f nb nt [...] (~21/transverse line#); iw m Y mH Y (6); hrw pn (9; written hrw n pn ); hrw pn iny.t m Dr.t NN (~1-2#; written hrw n pn ); di.w n Abd Y (5-6)
Names/Titles: an. (pA nTr ; deity; 17-18); an. (tA rx.t ; f.; 20); an. (pA 4 Hwty.w ; 5); an. (pA Hm-nTr tp.y n Imn ; 15); an. (nA sr.w ; 19); an. (nA sS-od ; 9); an. (nA TAy-mDA.t ; 9-10); PAy-an (in-mw ; 2); MnTw-m-tA.wy (im.y-r pr-HD ; 17); Niw.t (geo.; 16); nswt Nb-mAa.t-Ra Mry-Imn (king; 12); 1w.t-1r (deity; f.; temple of; 4); 2a-m-HD.t sA 1r-Sri (sS ; ~13#; see Remarks); Odrn (wbA-nswt ; 16?) incomplete: nswt [...] (21/transverse line; see Remarks); nswt-bity nb-tA.wy Nb-mAa.t-Ra [...] anx wDA snb (king; loose frgt. ~a-b#)
Remarks: Numbers : upper fragment on "carton 2", lower on "carton 1" according to Gardiner Notebook 9.35. Description: measurements and further details from Gardiner Notebook 9.35. Transverse line (21) connected with text of lines 1-20, or belonging to earlier text? Docket? Keywords, Contents, Names, Titles: the transverse line refers to an im.y.t-pr made by the deified King Amenhotep according to J. Cern Paper and Books in Ancient Egypt , London 1952 (reprint Chicago 1985), 29, with note 154. Contents: for the interpretation of lines 16-20 see Borghouts, in: Gleanings , 25. Cf. Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 448. Names, Titles: 2a-m-HD.t and his father 1r-Sri were both scribes; see Cern Community of Workmen , 219, 355 and 356.

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