P. Cairo JE 86637 verso XIX
Other nos.: The Cairo Calendar verso XX
Description: Papyrus, 20 x 690 cm, 22 sheet joins. Strip of ca. 10 cm at end of recto tightly rolled up so as to form a 'stick' in the centre of the roll. Black and red ink; recto (H/V) 30 columns, verso (V/H) 24 columns. Top recto = top verso (except verso XIX-XXIV, written upside down with respect to text on recto). Verso XIX has 3 lines, which were partly visible on the outside of the document when rolled up. Damaged; gaps in all columns on recto and verso (especially severe losses in recto XXIX-XXX and verso I-II). Gaps in verso XIX 1 and 2; end of verso XIX 3 lost.
Classification: list : name(?)
Keywords: document
Provenance: Acquired by the Egyptian Museum from an antiquities dealer in Cairo in 1943.
Publication: Bakir, The Cairo Calendar , 1, 2, 56, frontispiece, pls. XLIX and XLIX a (description, photograph, transcription, translation, commentary); Bakir, ASAE 48 (1948), 425-431, pl. I (photograph, description, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19, year 9 Ramesses II (Bakir; see Remarks)
Contents: Colophon with titulary of Ramesses II and mentioning a "list" ( ar.t sHwy ) made by a scribe PAy=sn-nb . Beginning of a list of names? See Remarks.
Terminology: Incomplete: ar.t sHwy n nA s [...] pn in NN (verso XIX 2)
Names/Titles: PAy=sn-nb ( sS ; verso XIX 2); nswt-bity nb-tA.wy anx m mAa.t Wsr-mAa.t-Ra 4tp.n-Ra anx wDA snb sA Ra ms nTr.w di Htp nTr nb m s.t=f nb xa.w Ra-ms-sw Mry-Imn anx wDA snb mry Imn (king; verso XIX ~1#); 1A.t.y-a sA PAy (verso XIX 3) Incomplete: 6A-gm [...] ( mw.t of 1A.t.y-a sA PAy ; f.; verso XIX 3 - 6A-gmy.t ?)
Remarks: Date attributed: a "regnal year 9" is mentioned in verso XIII 9. Content: uncertain if relevant for this database.

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