P. DeM 06
Other nos.: -
Description: Papyrus, appr. 17 x 22 cm, sheet join at 10 cm from upper edge of recto with text in upright position. Recto and verso palimpsest, black ink, recto (V/H) 8 lines, verso (H/V) 5 lines, top recto = bottom verso. Damaged (fragmentary), losses of text caused by large vertical gap in middle of sheet.
Classification: letter
Keywords: companion - document - dream - message - oil - oracle - textile - nmH
Provenance: Probably excavations Deir el-Medina 1928; trapezoid space south of P 1165 (Posener, in: Černý, P. DeM I, vii)
Publication: Černý, Papyrus Deir El Medineh I, 19, pls. 22 and 22a (description, translation, transcription, photographs); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VI, 266 and 267 (transcription); Sweeney, JEA 84 (1998), 103-106 (translation, commentary); K. Szpakowska, Behind Closed Eyes. Dreams & Nightmares in Ancient Egypt , Swansea 2003, 65, 66 and 194 (translation, commentary); Wente, Letters , 151, no. 211 (translation)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, Ramesses V (Kitchen, Wente); see Remarks
Contents: Anonymous sender writes about (1) some oil which he has requested from the addressee (equally anonymous), but not received; (2) a woman who has come to "stand in front of Nefertari" because of a dream, and who is staying with the sender. See Remarks.
Terminology: nfr snb=k (verso 5); r nty (recto 1); hAb (recto 3, 6 and 7, verso 1 and 4); Sa.t (recto 6)
Names/Titles: an. (nmH aA ; recto 3); PA-Ra n pA hrw (deity; recto 1); PtH n [...] Hr.y-ib StAy.t (deity; recto 1); Nfr.t-ir.y anx wDA snb (deity; f.; verso 2)
Remarks: Dates attributed: K. Szpakowska, Behind Closed Eyes. Dreams & Nightmares in Ancient Egypt , Swansea 2003, 194: "Dynasty 19 - Ramesses II" (sic) (cf. ibid. , 115 note 35: contrary to the author's assertion this is not the date suggested by Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VI, 266). Contents: same correspondents in P. DeM 04-06 according to Černý, Papyrus Deir El Medineh I, 15-19, but not according to Sweeney, JEA 84 (1998), 101-122. For the connection between this document and the Chester Beatty, other DeM and Naunakhte papyri, cf. Pestman, in: Gleanings , 155.

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