P. Rifaud D
Other nos.: -
Description: Papyrus sheet, 35 x 29 cm. One side with 12 lines in black ink; see Remarks. Correction by the scribe in line 7 (?).
Classification: letter
Keywords: army - document - message - temple
Provenance: According to Rifaud (in a note on his facsimile): "sur la poitrine en carton d'une momie decouverte a Gournah le 27 aout 1820"; see Remarks .
Publication: Koenig, CRIPEL 10 (1988), 57-60 (description, translation and commentary), pls. 4-7 (facsimile and transcription); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VII, 398-399 (transcription).
Dates mentioned: I Smw sw 30 (12) (?; see Remarks)
Dates attributed: Late dyn. 20 (Koenig)
Contents: A partly legible letter from the army scribe of the Temple of Ramesses III (Medinet Habu) Pn-tA-Hw.t-nxt (who is in the south) to the necropolis scribe 9Hwty-ms , whose men had come to him for help(?).
Terminology: m mi.t.t r Dd (8); nfr snb=k (12); NN Hr nD xr.t n NN m anx wDA snb m Hs.w.t (1-2); r nty (6); r Dd (7); hAb (7, 12); Sa.t (7)
Names/Titles: an. (pA im.y-r mSa ; 6 (pAy=k nb )); an. (psD.t=f ; of Imn 3nm.t-nHH ; deities; 4); an. (nAy=k rmT ; 7); an. (nTr nb nTr.t nb ; 4); an. (nTr.w nb.w WAs.t ; deities; 4); Imn-Ra-nswt-nTr.w (deity; 3 (pAy=k nb nfr ), 3); Imn 3nm.t-nHH (deity; 4); PAy-anx (Hr.y pD.t ; 10; see Remarks); Pn-tA-Hw.t-nxt (sS-mSa n tA Hw.t nswt-bity Wsr-mAa.t-Ra Mry-Imn anx wDA snb m pr Imn ; 1); Mw.t (f.; deity; 3); 2nsw (deity; 3); tA 1w.t (geo.; 5); 9Hwty-ms (sS n pA 2r aA Sps.y n Pr-aA anx wDA snb ; 2)
Remarks: Description: The original papyrus is lost; the old facsimile does not allow one to check the measurements and state of preservation of the papyrus. Provenance: Koenig warns for Rifaud's often incorrect notes. Date mentioned: date in line 12 not read by Koenig, but quite probable (Demaree). Names/Titles: name and title in line 10 not read by Koenig, but almost certain (Demaree).

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